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When the going gets tough, the tough get going...

Covid-19 has challenged human kind in many ways including serious health threats, economic crisis. Ensuring continuity in imparting knowledge has been a serious threat to educators and students during these days. However, technology has come in handy during these tough times. Virtual Classroom though in practice for a while has emerged as a great solution to make sure that teachers and students continue to be in touch as in a real classroom, interact and learn. To a great extent, virtual classrooms ensures that process of education is uninterrupted, without compromising the much needed social distancing.

What do we offer? How does it work?

As a CSR initiative to cope up with the threats posed by Covid-19, Takyon offers Live Classroom facility to 2500 schools in India through our application including training, hand holding and other assistance. This service is absolutely free for the schools until July 1st 2020.

Google Classroom is a solution offered by Google.Inc for teachers and students to get connected from different parts of the world to interact in live, we integrate this with our parent portal platform Takyon360 is a School Portal Application with mobile APP serving more than 4 Lakhs users worldwide.

  • 1. Single login for users (Users- Teachers and Students can login to Google classroom without multiple login process.)
  • 2. Creation and mapping of students and staff in the system.
  • 3. Creation of courses and allocation of teachers to their respective classes.
  • 4. Allocation of students to the respective classes.
  • 5. Administrate online timetable and Live Sessions.
  • 6. Online support and handholding for teachers to manage the system for the first one month.
  • 7. Provide support for technology integrations, if any
  • 8. Takyon shall integrate staff - subject mapping (timetable and staff allocation) from your existing software with Google Classroom.
  • 9. Classrooms will be created using our system.
  • 10. New SSO user credentials will be circulated to the students and staff.
  • 11. Users can access the portal using their user credentials and can enter Google Classroom through the special menu activated for them on Takyon portal.
  • 12. Takyon shall provide this platform absolutely free of cost, for a period of three (3) Months from the date of creation of user accounts. Schools may use Google Classroom facility even after three months, if they find it useful.

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